Domestic Rainwater Tank Supply and Installation Nelson

Watersorter Ltd is based in Nelson and offers domestic rainwater tank supply and installation solutions for your residential property.

Why install a tank? Rainwater that falls on your roof and property is essentially free.  All it takes is a method to harvest it into a tank for later use. When you install a rainwater tank, you can use the water when and how you choose. Water your garden and lawns, wash your car, your boat or your house. And best of all you will reduce your water rates. Be prepared in case of droughts, water supply emergencies, contaminations and natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Rain is a natural free resource and the cost to have a tank installed won’t break the bank. Watersorter supply and install rainwater tanks throughout the Nelson and Tasman regions including, Nelson, Atawhai, Stoke, Richmond and Motueka areas. Find out what tank system would be right for your property – contact us for a free no obligation quote today!

Check estimated prices for a Rainwater Tank supplied and installed on our Services page 


Diverting rainwater from your downpipe to a storage tank is a great way to conserve water, especially for gardening or outdoor cleaning use. It can also increase your options in the event of a water supply emergency, such as an earthquake. Rainwater tanks offer multiple uses. They’re good for storing water for watering your garden and washing your car. And they’re also an excellent source of emergency water in a natural disaster – although you will need to treat the water if you want to drink it.



Check estimated prices for a Rainwater Tank supplied and installed on our Services page