About Watersorter Ltd

Watersorter Ltd is based in Nelson and offers domestic (residential) rainwater tank supply and installation solutions, servicing the Nelson and Tasman regions including, Nelson, Atawhai, Stoke, Richmond and Motueka areas.

Why do this venture?

The journey began 5 years ago when Mike and Jo purchased land on a hill in Nelson. They were concerned about stability of hillsides so decided prior to building a new house to plant out numerous trees which they believed would assist with ground retention.

Unfortunately after putting a lot of effort and cost into planting out, they lost a great deal of maturing trees to drought. They were shocked how intense the Nelson summers can be! With water restrictions they were limited to watering (at times totally banned) so they decided to take matters into their own hands. Mike had previously installed Rainwater Tanks during his time building in Christchurch… so without hesitation they decided to install Rainwater Tanks on their property here in Nelson.

Well, what a difference… the summer following was one of the worst (2019/2020). Further down their section, Mike had installed two 1000 litre Rainwater Tanks off the shed and this comfortably got them through the dry summer - and as an added bonus their water rates bill dropped as well!

This led Mike to investigate whether there was a place in the market for a business promoting advice and installation of Rainwater Tanks, which there is!

Mike says "This gives me a ‘feel good’ factor as we people rely so much on water for ‘day to day’ living. Not only is the alternate water supply, that falls naturally from the sky, great for gardens and lawns, but it’s also a great backup supply for household use (after treatment of course). We hear and read too often of mains water contamination, drought and supply issues.

I believe, for a modest outlay having backup water supply is not only good for individual households, but also great for the environment."

Mike and Jo Watersorter Ltd Nelson

Mike and Jo 
Owner Operators, Watersorter Ltd, Nelson

Mike is a qualified Sheet Metal Engineer, with 8 years in the Automotive industry, 4 years building experience, 2 years Beekeeping and 12 years sales management in the Industrial Gas industry

Mike and Jo have a passion for the environment and for future proofing for the next generations. In this ever changing world we live in, they would like to see families and individuals become less reliant on services provided and become more self-sufficient. 

It pains them to see families struggle unnecessarily when times get tough when there’s other options out there that can be quite affordable. Mike and his family dealt with the issues surrounding the Christchurch earthquakes when they lived in the east side which was hugely affected by the quakes, resulting in no power, water, fuel for vehicles for a great deal of time. Waiting in a queue for water from a tanker was frustrating, although extremely appreciated during that time.

Their aim is to provide a service advising, sourcing and installing rainwater tanks at an affordable price which will assist homeowners in times of need.