Planning ahead and being prepared

plan ahead for emergencies

Planning ahead and being prepared is something families too often overlook due to complacency. We live in a vulnerable country being we are often plagued with natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and drought to name a few.

Households should be prepared with first aid kits, gas cookers in case of power cuts, backup food supply (including toilet paper) and most critical… water.

We ourselves have endured water, power and fuel outages due to the unexpected earthquakes in Christchurch. Since living in Nelson two out of three summers have resulted in extensive water restrictions due to drought which has impacted our way of living. We now have prepared ourselves with all the above including two rainwater tanks. We’re now considering adding another larger tank being we have a large hill site with lots of newly planted native trees.

So why have a Tank installed? Reduced water rates – better quality water for the gardens and lawns – ‘peace of mind’ when the water mains supply fails due to an event or contamination.

We don’t wait till we run out of fuel in our vehicles then walk to the nearest service station! Rain is a natural free resource and the cost to have a tank installed won’t break the bank. Future proof your home today. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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